Single components turn into one whole, thanks to system integration

Everyday work in hospitals is no longer determined by several closed systems. A holistic concept and system, custom-made for today’s demands, is what’s called for. The single unique components of the system have to mesh seamlessly. Together with us, you will carve out a holistic solution that takes both your individual situation and demands into consideration.

Move the cursor over one of the tiles and find out, what options you can choose from.


  • Work flow:
    Worklist, Equipment control, Checklists
  • Spatial Structurs:
    Operating Room, Conference Room, Doctor’s Room
  • Technical Systems:
    Integrative OR Systems, Conference Technology, RFID-Technology
  • Software Products:
    Access to KIS and PACS
  • Patient Records:
    Image and Data Management Archive
  • Workforce Requirement:
    Fast communication, Easy Operation

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