Focus on the patient, thanks to integrative OR systems

New and complex surgical procedures and techniques, as well as tight cost and quality management demand highly efficient media technology equipment. Our know-how in the field of integrative systems offers you solutions for a conclusive infrastructure of your operating room. This solution ensures an optimal work flow and systematically includes data in the digital patient record. Purposeful combination of all parameters creates a user-friendly system.

Integrative solutions yield great benefits for the attending doctor
and the clinic’s management

  • Specialists, Head Doctors or colleagues from other hospitals can be connected to the OR via imaging and sound. They can take part in the procedure without having to enter the OR physically.
  • Findings and diagnoses, as well as images from different video sources, are conveniently accessible on various monitors.
  • Easy to operate touch panels or voice-commanded solutions take care of many single tasks for the surgeon.
  • After surgery, recorded image or video data can be processed and centrally saved in patients records e.g. for training purposes.

With our questionnaire you’ll be able to work out the first steps to integration for yourself. Then, please send this questionnaire to us via email or mail. The result will be the basis for your personal consultation with us.


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