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The multi-media-medical AG specializes in developing manufacturer-independent professional integrative multimedia systems for ORs.

Our goal is to enhance process optimizing, quality of care and quality of management in the medical field: With cost conscious and technically mature solutions, incorporating media technology in the medical field the best way possible; as well as solutions, enabling your staff to work easily, intuitively and ergonomically, thus putting the patients in the center of attention at all times.

We have very high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Our customers benefit from personal support, quick response times, and fast adaptions of equipment, according to their individual needs.


A young aspiring company – already internationally successful

The introduction of new surgery techniques combined with fast-paced medical technologies shows that the use of media and conference technology in operating rooms has become essential.

From the very start back in 2007 the multi-media medical AG was able to firmly establish itself as a full-service provider in this highly sensitive market. Multi-media medical AG employees know well how to constantly optimize the sensitive media technology and medical technology interface, especially in regards to the requirements of modern Medicine and the needs of surgeons.

Today, the multi-media medical AG is a strongly expanding and innovative high-tech company on an international growth market.

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Depending on your needs: our great experiences in cooperating with well-reputed manufacturers allow us to realize individually designed innovative solutions for you.

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